First finished concept of Creo. Upon reflection of this design I realized I overcomplicated the form and features so I went back to the drawing board to make some changes. 
My goal was to create a paintbrush that didn't require a pincer grip to hold. I also wanted to take stress off the wrist so I went with a brush that had a 90 degree angle to the handle so the hand would stay in line with the wrist. Weights were added for tremor reduction, there are 3 weights that can be add or removed depending on what the user needs. 
The first major change I did was to simplify the brush body. In the previous design it bulged out and in this version the body is a uniform width. Secondly I removed the weights from being inside the brush to having  3 weighted grips in order to accommodate for a much wider range of users. I also changed the brush head attachment technique. Before it had a twist lock seal but with this version the brush head snaps onto the brush. Lastly I changed the body colours from a fun blue green to a wood texture to make it look more like a normal paintbrush.
Using Solidworks I developed and rendered a CAD model of the paintbrush. The body would be made of injection moulded plastic and would therefore be lightweight to accommodate users without arm and hand strength. The weights would be a similar concept to that of ankle weights and would connect with Velcro. I am still developing and working on this concept and hope to one day take it to production. 
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